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On April 1 st, 1969 F.B.R. Bruciatori was established: a small-sized firm for the manufacture and sale of small power burners for domestic and industrial use, and for foundry ovens suitable for light leagues of aluminium, bronze and brass.

1975: thanks to the work of a new highly respected partner, F.B.R. Bruciatori began its own Research & Development. High quality and design is paramount and takes precedence before any of our products are introduced to the market.

The first F.B.R. R&D facility was born.

1986: the development of significant international markets and customer cooperations resulted in the expansion of both our production facility and our labour force.

1994: Further collaboration with industrial partners enhanced our Research & Development resulting in the introduction of new technological production plants.

2000: Additional premises in both Verona and close to our original site were acquired to facilitate our continuing growth for both production and storage.

Now: As a result of our continuing commitment to research, the FBR range of burners continues to meet the more demanding needs of civil and industrial heating