• Industriels

Industrial burners are designed for residential plants and industrial processes that need high heating powers. The actual range is characterized by duo block burners with separeted ventilator to be installed based on specific and real tecnical needs (ventilator not included).

When a significant amount of heating is needed, a single ventilator is able to work for more industrial burners, simplifing the entire heating plant. It's possible to use pre-heated combustion air, exploting heat recovery from flue gases.

Modèle Débit (Kg/h) Puissance (kW) min Puissance (kW) max Alimentation électrique Download
  min max
  HI-FNDP 190/M TL 80 206 911 2347 3F   319KB
  HI-FNDP 250/M TL 100 250 1160 2842 3F   319KB
  HI-FNDP 350/M TL 120 350 1367 3988 3F   253KB
  HI-FNDP 450/M TL 160 450 1823 5117 3F   253KB
  HI-FNDP 550/M TL 200 550 2279 6267 3F   253KB
  HI-FNDP 650/M TL 306 663 3488 7558 3F   723KB
  HI-FNDP 750/M TL 347 765 3953 8721 3F   723KB
  HI-FNDP 1000/M TL 347 1020 3953 11628 3F   723KB
  HI-FNDP 1300/M TL 367 1173 4186 13372 3F   723KB
  HI-FNDP 1500/M TL 367 1326 4186 15116 3F   723KB
  HI-FNDP 1800/M TL 510 1531 5814 17442 3F   723KB
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